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Finian Massa

The Six People You Need for your Cloud Migration Dream Team

The Six People You Need for your Cloud Migration Dream Team-BlogHeaderImage

As more and more workloads are shifting to the cloud this year, driven by remote work and organisational agility, you and your team may be feeling the pressure to take the first steps.
Having worked with Microsoft and seeing both the great successes achievable, but also some of the more painful potential outcomes if you have the wrong team, it became apparent that the first big hurdle organisations face isn’t the technology, but getting the right people on the bus.
So without any further ado – here’s who you need for your dream team:

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Success Story- Using Global Data to Improve Decision Making

ICT Success Story

Our customer has a monthly process through which remote employees around the globe submit a monthly report including relevant data required by the Company. A process solution was designed using K2 Technology enabling all remote sites to submit the required data systematically and going through an approval process with head office. Through these changes the customer gained…

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HR Quality Mark

HR Quality Mark Featured Image

We fundamentally believe at ICT that human resources represents so much more than simply hiring good people – it’s a fundamental part of our growth and efforts in making us the best versions of ourselves. We are delighted to announce another step showing our commitment to that belief – with the ICT team being awarded the HR Quality Mark, following the completion of our external audit.

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2020 – In Hindsight

As we approach the end of the year, hindsight truly is 2020. Without a doubt, it was certainly one of the weirdest years in recent memory. Lets gloss over the whole global pandemic thing – as enough has been said about it at length about that across the world. However, what has been fascinating has been the impact of it on the way we work and communicate as human beings.

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A radically new approach to simplifying regulatory compliance

Achieving Technical Compliance Header & Feature

We get it, organisational compliance is hard. It’s a handful – chasing people who don’t want to give you answers, asking the difficult questions about organisational risk, and uncovering the areas for improvement that most would rather hide under the rug.
Not only that, but there are over 220 updates from over 1000 regulatory bodies published every day to existing compliance standards to keep track of.

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