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As we approach the end of the year, hindsight truly is 2020.

Without a doubt, it was certainly one of the weirdest years in recent memory.

Lets gloss over the whole global pandemic thing – as enough has been said about it at length about that across the world.

However, what has been fascinating has been the impact of it on the way we work and communicate as human beings.

Some outcomes have been positive, like highlighting the goodness of humans as we connect across the digital divide the world over to interact, socialize, and show those around us that we care. Some have been negative, like realizing that there is no true substitute for face to face human interaction and making us realize that it’s the people we work with on the day to day that makes our work so meaningful.

It has changed how we work, how we interact with clients, and how we deliver what we do. We are lucky to say that we have survived & thrived, through tenacity, and the dedication of a team of people who it has been a pleasure to work with (virtually) side by side. We are looking forward to seeing how the world continues to change going forward as our physical and virtual worlds collide.

Virtual Festivities

This year we held our first virtual Christmas party – and it was a wonderful way to get the whole team together. It makes you realize how much you miss games, team building, and a few glasses of wine & a good chat.

We also got to exhibit some of our competitive spirit with pixel art competitions, slightly tipsy Among Us, and a tour around the world answering quizzes, before breaking out the Christmas cheer and drinking wine & eating mince-pies together.

While we all had great fun, we all hope we can hold it in person next year!

Hosting the Christmas cheer – with our teams & families

Tis the Season for Giving

We at ICT are blessed and fortunate to be ending the year with our health and loving families, but we recognize that this year has been tough for many and that we can’t take for granted those around us in these difficult times.

We are glad to have been able to raise €3,200 during our fund raising activities that we have donated to the Foodbank lifeline foundation and we urge all those reading this blog post to consider donating as well, to make this world just a little bit brighter for everyone.

We wish you all a wonderful end to a year that we will all remember for decades to come and look forward to meeting you all next year as we face the challenges 2021 will bring.

Merry Christmas to All – and to All Good Cheer!

Team ICT

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