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Enabling business growth through intelligent process automation.

Embark your business on a process automation journey with our digitisation framework. We focus on continuously automating time-consuming tasks and transforming value adding processes. We follow our three-stop process, keeping you involved throughout and ensure we deliver to your expectations.

Quick to market process solutions
Achieve GDPR Compliance
Continuous process improvements

Thriving in the current competitive environment is becoming more challenging.

The need for your company to digitise and automate business processes is critical. Our process automation services will enable you with the right solutions to streamline your core processes across multiple systems and teams, whilst ensuring a high quality of data for your business. Our services are based on a framework that encourages continuous process improvement, guaranteeing your processes continue to help your company grow.

Digital transformation does not have a definite end goal.

Processes and companies never stop evolving. You should not treat digitisation as a one time project with accurate timelines and budgets, but rather a continuous development process that never stops.

On the other hand, companies do not have an open budget to invest in process automation and digitisation. Today companies need a digitisation framework that provides efficient and effective business and market gains, whilst providing a solid basis that is scalable and agile, enabling continuous process improvements.


of companies experienced revenue growth through digital transformation
increased customer satisfaction following successful digital transformation

Process Digitisation & Automation Framework

Our framework consists of a defined and structured approach, transforming your business processes from manual, siloed and time-consuming processes to value-driven solutions powered by modern technology and concepts.

Identify & Plan

Identifying the processes that should be automated is a critical initial step in a company’s automation journey. We will help you prioritise your processes, taking into consideration the current business pain points, quick wins and longer-term objectives.

Our team of experts will organise workshops with the business process stakeholders to understand the current process, identify gaps and determine the business requirements to achieve success. We will also document all information and process stories, providing you with a clear step by step structure for you to follow.

Build & Execute

Our technical architects will use your business requirements and process stories to develop a technical solution design specific for you. This is a crucial step in our framework that bridges the business side to the technical side without losing sight of what success looks like for you.

We use industry leading low-code technologies, K2 and Microsoft, to design your business solution. Regular meetings with the process owner and stakeholders are scheduled to gather feedback on the process and instil a culture of continuous improvements and process ownership.

We conduct testing and validation, together with the process stakeholders, on each solution that we create, with testing matched to documented process stories and validated in-line with our quality policy and standards.

Measure & Improve

We will carry out the required implementation process for you, ensuring all the required training is provided to the business users and the solution is ready to go-live. We will also provide a hand over of the solution design and related documentation to the internal support team.

We will also help to monitor automated processes and identify continuous improvements to the process.

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