Guarantee outcomes while retaining the agility of the cloud.

Whatever your business reason to move to the cloud, the ICT team has a proven method to take you there. By explicitly tackling where businesses fail along the journey proactively, we make sure the journey you embark on is a successful one – for all the stakeholders within your organisation.

Keep your cloud infrastructure available, optimised and secure – always!

Most businesses these days are receiving the tentative executive buyin to try and start a cloud migration – to see if it is all that it is promised to be. But cloud adoption can be tough, the road bumpy – and without a clear destination, cloud projects can fall by the wayside; over budget & under-realized.

At ICT we have made it our mission to not only understand why cloud projects fail, but to make sure it does not happen to our customers. By identifying the horsemen of a cloud adoption apocalypse, we make sure you have a clear goal in sight, an actionable plan to get there, and a team supporting you every step of the way.

Whatever You Want To Do In The Cloud, Chances Are, We’ve Already Done It.

Our framework tackles the five biggest burdens on organisations when it comes to cloud migrations – freeing up your team and resources to where it really matters for your business.

Cost Optimisation

How we help


  • Initial adoption framework
  • Ongoing consulting along with flexible architectural best practices
  • Design assistance & planning on cloud infrastructure, networking and more.

Cost Optimisation

  • Ongoing cost optimisation
  • Resource usage monitoring
  • Cost management at policy level


  • 24/7 access to ICT Solutions certified consultants
  • Direct Microsoft Support through Cloud Solution Provider Agreement
  • Remote Administration

Operational Support

  • User policy change requests on an ongoing basis
  • Quarterly report on security enhancement recommendations.
  • Ongoing live documentation updates and structured changes.


  • We take ownership and responsibility for governance policies.
  • Deployment and monitoring of Azure Security Centre, azure monitor and role based access controls.


  • We monitor the security of your environment and respond to alerts.
  • We implement security recommendations on an ongoing basis.
  • We build in policy to ensure that your team and new deployments are secure.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Rely on ICT Solutions for a successful journey to the cloud


You schedule a call back at a time that suits you


We build a comprehensive roadmap based on your existing capabilities and your business & IT needs


We address any barriers to adoption, with a focus on security, governance and cost.


We monitor, maintain, optimize and secure your cloud environment without having to tax your internal teams & resources.


We accelerate your journey to your first cloud successes with our Cloud Adoption Framework