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Unlocking business potential through technology adoption.

Technology in your business is constantly evolving, but are you really in control? We take the operational burdens off your shoulders, tailor a strategy that fits and help you focus on driving your business forward.

IT Strategy Driven By Your Business Goals
Proactive IT Operations & Security
High-Quality Support (97% Client Satisfaction)

Getting IT done the right way

As companies evolve, leveraging technology becomes a critical success factor. Developing a strategic plan and successfully running IT operations becomes increasingly complex and requires specialised skill sets. Keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and systems often necessitates specialised experts, not to mention budgets to staff those roles.

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Technology that lifts you up, and doesn’t weigh you down.

Our customers love the ongoing, effective and strategic advice in technology and risk management. Our team of experts help you rethink the purpose of IT and guide you along the way to gain a competitive advantage and maximise revenue streams.

We get to know the ins and outs of your business and lead the big-picture technology strategy, integrate and make the best use of technology and instigate the required changes to take your business on a journey to become a leading industry player.

What we do

IT strategy driven by your business goals

  • We develop a tailored 3 year technology roadmap, with budgets, projections and targets.
  • We recommend technology that aligns with your business goals, automating processes & increasing speed & efficiency across your organisation

Proactive IT operations & security

  • We prevent disruptions – before they happen.
  • We monitor your systems in real time to address risks and security incidents.
  • We install all updates and security patches in the background so you don’t have to

High-quality support around the clock

  • You will always speak to a highly skilled technology expert.
  • We are always open, 24×7, 365 days a year.
  • We are available both onsite and remote as required.

IT strategy as a service

The process consists of a set of regularly scheduled meetings on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis led by our specialised senior consultants. The objectives are clearly set and communicated and serve as the basis of the planning process, reporting what has been achieved already whilst preparing for what’s next.

Strategic Direction

A key role of our Technology Consultant, aka vCIO, is to assess and address gaps and devise a plan on how to address these gaps.

Having the right experience and knowledge, the vCIO is best suited to provide the right technology advice tailored to your business. Our vCIO will break down your operational plan to actionable deliverables and ensure all progress is tracked and objectives met.

Policies And Processes

We will help you prioritise the right policies and processes to take your business to the next level. This will help your business gain a competitive advantage to run your operation smoothly and securely

Business Continuity

We take full accountability and responsibility to ensure that your leadership team understands the risks and invests in the right areas to minimize the business impact in case of an outage. We will ask the difficult questions objectively, to make sure your business and people are always prepared.

This is exactly what you get with our ongoing IT Strategy Service

How we support your business

We Prevent Major Disruptions

Constantly monitoring your IT infrastructure allows us to proactively fix issues before they reach your users and become a problem.

Problems connecting to your company wireless? Non-performing network components? Our monitoring tools allow us to troubleshoot the root cause of the issue and get to the bottom of the problem quicker without wasting your valuable time.

We Take Service Levels Up A Notch

Our Service Level Agreements are clear and meaningful, with no hidden small text. All our teams know exactly what our customer’s expectations are and we monitor and benchmark all our service tickets across the company.

It is our customers who choose the severity of the case. Our team will be in constant contact, ensuring you are well briefed and in agreement with the remediation plan.

Customer Feedback Is At The Forefront Of Everything We Do

We highly value our customer feedback and strive to consistently build on and improve our services.

On the rare occasion that a customer is not 100% satisfied, we invite them to provide a review, so that we can effectively tackle the problem head-on. We are very fond of our Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score, which we also proudly display on our office live dashboards.

We Provide Relevant And Updated Documentation

No more spreadsheets with critical passwords. No more complicated information which can only be consumed by tech-gurus.

We operate a collaborative documentation tool to manage all our customers information in a secure manner while allowing our team to have the right access to the required information, to support you.

Case Study & Testimonial

"We have a relationship with ICT Solutions for outsourced managed services. Their staff is made up of the highest caliber of qualified people and always available whenever we need them; they assisted us throughout a number of IT projects and still do. I recommend ICT Solutions at any time."

Marco AndradeChief Technology Officer, AirX

Discover how IT can be a business catalyst, and not burden.


Schedule an appointment

Schedule a call back at a time that suits you


Define your requirements

We listen, understand and analyse your business objectives and pain points.


Agree on a tailored Plan

Our technology experts translate your business requirements into a tangible, actionable plan with clear milestones and goals.


Start achieving results

We help you align your people, processes and technology to achieve the business goals with a continuous improvement mindset.