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Are your employees equipped with the right tools for the job?

People are the most critical factor in maintaining cybersecurity – both the first line of defense & the most common attack vector. It is imperative to give them the necessary skills to protect your business. Using KnowBe4’s market leading product, and run by a team of security experts, awareness training will help your teams identify and avoid potential threats, while phishing simulations will test their ability to spot suspicious emails.

Prevention is better than cure. Reduce human error to the bare minimum!

Users are the weakest link in any system. It is essential to ensure that they are following the latest best practices. Yet, achieving this is no easy task. The solution? Rather than an afterthought, cybersecurity must be an integral part of an organisation’s culture. This approach is the difference between a minor setback and a major disaster.

At ICT, we built a service using KnowBe4’s market leading technology that gives visibility of how susceptible the employees in your company are to phishing attacks. If a user clicks on a phishing attempt, they will go through a series of courses to fix the problem. Each month, your management team will receive a benchmark report that gives you confidence in your organizational readiness.

This managed service is eligible for the CYBER+ALT grant scheme.

Do you want to learn more?

It is never too late to take action. But, it is always best to take a proactive approach. When it comes to cyber security, everyone needs to be aware of the risks (not just those in charge). Keep your information safe from attackers by taking a few simple steps. Ready for a demo? Fill in the form to get started.

    How we help

    Awareness Training

    • Improve security posture and raise awareness
    • Receive regular tips and tricks on best practices

    Phishing Simulations

    • Reduce risk and exposure through active learning
    • Upskill and reskill your people where it matters

    Dashboard Results

    • See progress and find new areas of improvement
    • Know which vulnerabilities matter most to you

    Worried about email hacking? You should be. We can help.


    Train Your Users

    We enrol your team to our managed service, which includes interactive modules, videos and games. It takes around two hours per person online and sets the foundation for success.


    Test Your Users

    We continuously target your team with email attacks (non-maliciously) to see how your users behave. If they fall for the bait, they must complete a series of courses to fix the problem.


    Evaluate Your Users

    We show you how your security posture has improved. By looking at the results, you can see where your team has made progress and where they may need to focus more in the future.