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Celebrating a Milestone in our HR Journey

We fundamentally believe at ICT that human resources represents so much more than simply hiring good people – it’s a fundamental part of our growth and efforts in making us the best versions of ourselves.

We are delighted to announce another step showing our commitment to that belief – with the ICT team being awarded the HR Quality Mark, following the completion of our external audit.

FHRD_HR Quality Mark

The Journey

Our commitment to improving quality is one of the founding values of our company, and the improvement of our HR practices is no exception. The HR practices put into place and which are continually evolving, stem from and revolve around the recognition that our members are our greatest assets; and from the realisation that the members’ success is intertwined with that of our company.

This journey is an ongoing one. Recognising the need for continually measuring, tracking and understanding the success of our people management and development function and driven by a passion for continuous improvement, we chose to measure our efforts by applying for the 2020 FHRD Quality Mark. In so doing, we were able to evaluate, from an external perspective, our practices in numerous HR functions including recruitment, performance management, people training and development, and employee relations.

Participation in this external audit provided us with a gauge to measure the efficient conduct of our HR team, as well as to benchmark the various practices and initiatives being undertaken. Ultimately, it also gave us the opportunity to look at our practices with fresh eyes and address as needed, enabling us on our journey of continuous improvement.

HR Quality Mark

We are proud of the HR Quality Mark achievement. This certification recognises the importance which we at ICT Solutions give to HR policies and strategies in the overall running of the company. It further acknowledges our commitment towards enhancing employee satisfaction and to put our members at the heart of everything we do.

We’re also lucky to have a great team, composed of individuals from across the company, who are committed and work towards maintaining high quality standards in all HR initiatives undertaken. As a team we collaborate to ensure that we create the best environment for our members and our work does not stop here. We plan to continue working to bring about further improvement to our work environment, where together we will seek to always reach new heights.

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