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Sessions will
be held on demand


Finian Massa


ICT Solutions, Lead
Business Centre, Birkirkara

Join our free Lunch and Learn session, where we will look into information security, data governance, and identity management — the foundation for Microsoft’s Co-pilot generative AI. In this event, we will equip you with all the key strategies and best practices to ensure data integrity, compliance, and identity control. You can enhance your understanding and prepare for Co-pilot implementation, all within a lunch break.

During the session, we will help you:

  • Discover why information security is vital for organisations and learn about the risks that can compromise data integrity.
  • Explore the practices of effective data governance, including access controls, retention policies and privacy regulations.
  • Gain insights into robust identity controls that protect sensitive data and mitigate security risks posed by malicious actors.

These are not one-time events but ongoing initiatives that will take place whenever we have sufficient registered participants to fill a workshop. A format designed to let different participants engage in discussions based on practical examples and real-world scenarios, helping you understand how these concepts apply to your organisation.

And the best part? Enjoy a complimentary lunch as you absorb valuable knowledge during the session! We will wrap up the event with a Q&A to ensure all your questions are answered. To register, sign up and when we will contact you with further details.

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Places are limited to ensure the best experience for all attendees.

    Register Today

    Places are limited to ensure the best experience for all attendees.