Cybersecurity for a Market Leading iGaming Company

“For a company of our size and reputation, Security needs to be constant. That’s why we work with a partner to make sure that our security is top of mind – every moment of the day.”

ICT Solutions is proud to be the partner of choice to offer Red Rhino Limited managed security services to keep their business safe around the clock.

Next level cybersecurity

The client

Red Rhino Limited is a leading company in the gaming industry – founded in 2014, and part of a group of companies encompassing key online casino brands. It has grown to occupy a key niche by offering quality experiences to its customers through innovative content & consistent experiences.

Not content to rest on their laurels, the Red Rhino Limited team is always looking for new ways to both safeguard their players while offering the best games available on the market.

What Red Rhino wants to achieve

Security is at the forefront of Red Rhino Limited’s operations, they understand that keeping their data safe is not only is a multi-step multi faceted approach, but consistency is a critical foundation. Wanting to offer the best possible security, they embarked on a journey towards the cloud adoption framework.

Our partnership with Red Rhino Limited is based on a desire for continuous improvement. Today, our Managed Security services provide continuous monitoring 24/7, quarterly enhancements to their policies and procedures, and a team always standing by to help. Our ongoing support lets them focus on their business with peace of mind and to apply their time to where it is most impactful.

ICT Solutions has taken a load off our internal teams and accelerated our journey towards both better security and compliance. Their proactive approach helps us focus on key initiatives, and ensures that we're protected around the clock and always improving to remain conversant with the latest industry standards. I look forward to continuing to grow our relationship!

Chris SammutHead of Information Technology

Core Service Pillars

Manage Endpoint Detection and Response to detect different threats in real time and remediate attacks
Identity and Access Management to manage permissions with centralised authentication and authorisation
Manage Mobile Device Management to ensure that only authorised users can access corporate information on approved devices

A 3 stage approach to a better cybersecurity posture

Setting a Foundation for Security

The first major step on any security initiative is to set a foundation that can scale with an organization. This is especially critical for Red Rhino Limited – a company experiencing rapid growth. Having key controls in place, policies to ensure that data is protected, and means of enforcement is key.

By setting up the correct policies and notifications, in line with the customer’s processes, the most critical risk triggers can be identified for the organisation. These define a list of steps to take when certain conditions are met and how users are notified if an incident occurs. Ultimately, they prevent potential problems and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Continuous Improvement for Continuous Success

Organizational security is a bit like going on a diet. If you expect to lose weight once, and stay that way for the rest of your life, you’re in for a rude surprise. The same applies to security – threats, technology & organizational processes are constantly improving. If you don’t have a structured approach to ensuring you are always up to date, it is too easy to look at your setup and realize you have been left behind.

For this reason, we provide a quarterly focus on improvement – identifying new policies, technologies and even possible process gaps, based on both the alerts we’ve received and conversations with the business on its initiatives and applications. By identifying where threats are coming from, we can adapt and ensure that are defenses are strongest where they matter most.

Around the Clock Monitoring for Peace of Mind

Business never sleeps for Red Rhino Limited and their security can’t either. Around the clock monitoring is critical for the organization to ensure that protection is constant.

Through our suite of tools and SOC, we monitor and respond to threats around the clock – staying in front of and tackling both malicious and benign activity on their endpoint devices, identities & data. Our certified experts also perform a root cause analysis to ensure all controls are as tight as they need to be.

We stay up to ensure that the Red Rhino Limited team can sleep soundly, knowing their organization is protected. Do you want that same peace of mind for your business? If so, ICT Solutions has the service to guarantee this for you. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve this.

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