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vCIO offers a cost-effective solution without the headaches of full-time employment of an IT expert.

Most medium-sized businesses we work with feel the need for objective and expert advice in technology and risk management, but can’t afford a full-time CIO. Our vCIO will help your organisation rethink the purpose of IT and help you use it to gain competitive advantage and maximise revenue streams.

A vCIO is an outsourced expert who will become a key part of the management team providing the best-suited strategy and roadmap on how IT can be used at its maximum potential. Our vCIO will get to know the ins and outs of your business and lead the big-picture technology strategy, integrate and make the best use of technology and instigate the required changes to take your business on a journey to become a leading industry player.

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How does the vCIO Framework work?

The vCIO process consists of a set of regularly scheduled meetings on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. The objectives are clearly set and communicated and serve as the basis of the planning process, reporting what has been achieved already whilst preparing for what’s next.

During the monthly meeting the vCIO gives a status update to key stakeholders regarding the main technology projects. As part of the project progress review, any current or potential issues are discussed and brought to the attention of the right audience. Some projects might be veering off course or need some further attention from senior management, hence the importance of a regular status update and check-in.

The vCIO framework will provide senior management and executives with a regular forum to discuss any new or disruptive technologies that can have an impact on the business landscape. These discussions will help keep executives aligned with technology advances related to the particular area of business.


Successful organisations depend on a quarterly execution plan and IT projects are no different. The vCIO process will help plan and execute specific targets every quarter, having each member of the team accountable for the successful delivery of the projects.

A Process Improvement workshop is another deliverable of the vCIO service that happens on quarterly basis. It is through the implementation and improvement of business processes that companies grow and improve their efficiency. The vCIO will provide valuable input on how to improve and automate such business processes through digital transformation.

Although the vCIO reports directly to the CEO, key stakeholders remain a very important channel as part of the continuous improvement lifecycle. People such as the head of finance or head of operations need to have a direct channel to voice their needs and discuss ongoing projects where their direct involvement or input is required. Such interviews happen as part of the quarterly review meetings.


Once a year an IT Strategy and Planning process is executed. This will serve as the basis for a detailed technology plan for the following 12 months. The process includes a technical IT Infrastructure audit as well as a SWOT Analysis workshop with key stakeholders. These workshops will inevitably uncover a number of business opportunities as well as potential threats, that can be addressed as part of the new IT Strategic Plan.

This process ensures that issues are tackled in a proactive way whilst opportunities are uncovered which ultimately will make the business more competitive.


Strategic Direction

A key role of the vCIO is to assess and address gaps and devise a plan on how to address these gaps.

Having the right experience and knowledge, the vCIO is best suited to provide the right technology advice tailored to your business. Our vCIO will break down your operational plan to actionable deliverables and ensure all progress is tracked and objectives met.


Policies and Processes

Buying the latest shiny device and connecting it to the business network might not necessarily be in the best interest of the company.

Our vCIO will make it a priority to put in place the right policies and processes to take your business to the next level. This will help your business gain a competitive advantage in running your operation in a secure and optimal level.


Is your IT network constantly letting you down, affecting your daily operations?

Business Continuity

Our vCIO will focus on putting together a strategy that will cater for protecting your needs without the additional costs of unnecessary services.

The vCIO will take full accountability and responsibility to ensure that your business understands the risks and invests in the right areas to minimize the business impact in case of an outage.


Information Management

Most businesses today are sitting on huge amounts of information that can be tapped into and provide invaluable business insights. The vCIO will help your business choose and invest in the right affordable tools to achieve data visualization and analytics across all the required levels within your Organisation.

Ensure that the rights processes are being developed to keep the information accurate, healthy and valid throughout the various systems.


Do you view IT as a burden, and not a business catalyst?

Find out how vCIO can transform your business and streamline your success. Get in touch and let’s find the right solution for your business.