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At ICT, we believe that for our team to be successful, every member needs to understand our culture and values, and needs a clear understanding of both what their role expects of them, and what good looks like. There’s no better place to get this clarity than right at the start. Our onboarding programme is built around the firm belief that it lays the groundwork for the rest of the new member’s experience at ICT Solutions.

The pre-onboarding

Once a candidate has accepted our offer – we are thrilled to have the new member onboard! We understand that our soon-to-be employee is eager to learn about what to expect from the role and to get an idea of their first day. Communication with the new member about the onboarding kicks off immediately and is maintained until their first day of joining.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, we are busily putting together the necessary employment paperwork, setting up IT Assets and the workstation, enrolling the new member onto our HR Platforms and IT Systems, assigning a work buddy and creating training plans built around the specific role.

The onboarding journey

Happy joining day!

The first phase of the onboarding journey is dedicated to welcoming the new member to our organisation. Our focus is on providing an orientation experience, familiarising the member with the Company, and helping them to settle in. Introduction to their buddy and other team members, office facilities orientation, introduction to the responsibilities assigned to the role, and training plans for the first weeks take place within the first days of joining. The focus during this orientation time is on helping the new member better grasp our organisational culture and begin familiarising themselves with how our work practices are aligned with it. The Team Leader, other team members, and HR play a crucial role in ensuring that the member’s engagement is positive right from the start.

My positive feelings toward my career path with ICT Solutions was further solidified during my onboarding process. All my colleagues were very welcoming, and it felt like a second family. I was paired with an onboarding buddy who was with me every step of the way, from organising introductory meetings with other teams to taking an active role in my office and systems training.

HR was actively reaching out to me to ensure my successful integration into the team. Having that caring and nurturing element with ICT Solutions is unique. I have not experienced this level of professionalism with my previous employers.

I made the right choice by joining ICT Solutions, and I feel fortunate to be part of the ICT family.

Mo AbdelatifCustomer Success Executive

Training – systems and role-specific

Our people lie at the heart of everything we do, and the personal development of each one of our members is critical for us. The training phase is considered one of the most essential phases of the onboarding journey, helping the new member understand what it takes to thrive at ICT Solutions. An onboarding training plan using a blended learning approach is ready out of the gate to set you up for success in your new role. Expect during your first weeks to have a calendar pre-set with the training you’ll need, on systems, technology and delivery, to get up to speed quickly and effectively.

My onboarding experience with ICT Solutions was very positive. I felt like I was part of the team from day one. Everyone is highly supportive, friendly and helpful. They answered all my questions and gave me the resources I needed to be successful on the job. The company also offers opportunities for anyone who wants to learn and grow. There is a place for you — no matter where you are in your journey.

I recommend ICT Solutions to anyone looking for a great place to work!

Clayton AxisaProduct Owner

Transitioning into your new role

The last phase of the onboarding journey is focused on supporting the new member to transition to a full-fledged employee. By this point, clear expectations are set – giving visibility of what key areas new hires are responsible for, and what good looks like. Goals are set, motivating the member to start contributing effectively.

Effective two-way communication throughout the entire onboarding journey is crucial. Regular check-ins between the Team Leader and the member are done, ensuring that the member has gained an excellent understanding of the demands of their role, supporting them through it and reflecting on what needs to happen going forward.

Welcome to the ICT Team!

As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. The results achieved to date are certainly encouraging, with an average score of 8.8/10 given by our new members at week 12 of their onboarding journey. They have earned us the prestigious HR Quality Mark for our efforts.

And the work does not stop here! The first stage of an employee’s journey having been successfully completed, we turn towards the member’s ongoing development helping the member understand how they can continue contributing positively and growing within our organisation whilst enjoying many positive experiences in their journey at ICT Solutions.

I wanted to invest my time and energy in a company that was ready to invest in me. I got all that whilst being able to work alongside some great colleagues who are always ready to pitch in when needed.

Alysia XerriIT Operations Engineer

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