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Today’s global economy is fast-paced, unpredictable, and ever-changing. It is a scenario where Darwin’s evolutionary maxim cannot hold any truer. It is indeed the survival of the fittest. But a change in business doesn’t happen by random mutations to a pre-existing order which make one more adaptable to a set of new environmental conditions. In business, change and adaptability to external changes need to be conscious, planned, and well-executed.

And if there ever was a time of accelerated change in the economic environment, it must be now. With whole countries experiencing complete shutdown, and economic outlooks which at their bleakest look optimistic, businesses are struggling to adapt.

We are our customer’s experienced guides.

As has happened in recent times of economic turbulence, one field which has come to the rescue in aiding businesses to adapt is Information and Communication Technology. And at ICT Solutions that is exactly what we do. We are a group of 50 professionals, driven by a passion to help businesses unlock their potential through technology adoption. We help you build a plan on how technology can help you adapt and reach your business objectives. We don’t just stop at giving you a strategy document but actually handhold you all the way to kick-start the digital transformation and more importantly maintain the rhythm. We are our customer’s experienced guides.

There are various aspects of how to do this professionally and at ICT we focus on having excellent and trained experts in Information Technology, having the processes and procedures in place to ensure that we deliver to the highest efficiency and levels of quality, and securely. We also engage with key stakeholders on the client-side, at a business level.

In delivering our services we have a set of well defined “products” which allow us to provide distinct services in a Managed Service Provider (MSP) model, as different business cases may require. This model allows for a service to be very well defined and delivered in a strictly controlled process framework, ensuring that the quality and reliability of the service is maintained. The fact that we are ISO9001:2015 and IS027000:2013 certified helps in being able to live up to these delivery goals.

Three main pillars which most businesses evolving up the digital transformation journey will almost inevitably need, include:

Managed Cloud Services

No one wants to invest in large capital outlays for servers and storage which need to be maintained constantly, in a secure environment. Spinning up compute power and buying in a pay-as-you-go model is the new paradigm, with everything going to the cloud. Planning and designing the diverse cloud environments, and operating in a secure, efficient and cost-effective manner, whilst maintaining resilience and ensuring that the business is maximizing the new features and services being rolled out regularly, is critical. At ICT we have a dedicated team making sure that this journey to the cloud gives real business returns.

It all starts with a Cloud Adoption Framework workshop where together with our customers we define the business strategy leading to a planning phase with actionable adoption plans aligned to business outcomes. This is then followed by a migration phase where we migrate and modernize existing workloads. A governance phase ensures that the environment and workloads are benchmarked against best practices leading to a managed phase for a continuous improvement cycle.

Cybersecurity Services

In a new world where application and data assets are on the cloud, and we need high-speed access from the office, home, or whilst on the move, using various devices, cybersecurity takes on a new dimension. Not only is it key to protecting the business, but it is also required to meet corporate legal and governance goals. At ICT we have streamlined this into a managed service offering ensuring consistency in the quality, whilst adding value to the business

Managed Process Automation

Process automation is crucial to next-generation digital transformation. But experience shows that doing it haphazardly will lead to a waste of investment, poor project results, and a general disinterest in embarking on new projects. The success of such projects depends on:

  • An internal project manager who is focused on this with an annual budget mapped out for continuous improvement
  • Rapid build and deploy technologies that will allow automation project cycles to be short and effective. At ICT we use K2 as our chosen platform and Microsoft PowerBI as the reporting platform
  • A well-defined technology, process and data model framework which ensures that the platform is robust and reliable, the company-wide data model sound and secure, and operationally the platform is constantly healthy and well maintained

The team at ICT delivers a set of services around the above, developed on a number of projects, which ensure maximum return on the investments being made.

At ICT Solutions we help businesses unlock their potential through technology adoption. Based on a fiduciary relationship, we map your requirements, help you build your strategy, and then deliver and operate around a set of managed services, ensuring that the investments bring a continued return.