Worried about email Hacking?
You should be.

Protect your business from malicious email attacks with our FREE cyber security testing & training programme.

Worried about email Hacking? You should be.

Usual price is €3.50 per user per month & we're giving this out for FREE for three months! No strings attached, no auto-renewals - just a service to protect Maltese businesses.

Enrol your company into our Free cyber security testing and training programme

Train Your Users
We enrol your team to our security awareness platform; including interactive modules, videos and games. It takes around two hours per person online and sets the foundation for your ongoing security.

Test Your Users
We continuously target your users with email attack simulations, non-maliciously, to see how your users behave.

Measure Results
We provide you with results during the period to show how your security posture has improved, from that initial setup, through the months of training.

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