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The human firewall. Your people are the first line of defense against online threats.

Companies underestimate the powerful impact that cyber-security awareness training can have on their business. This reduces the risk and exposure drastically within a short period of time and with minimal out-of-pocket investment.

But why now?

Currently because of Covid-19 phishing attacks are up 600%.

Of Maltese businesses surveyed, 26% of users click malicious links.”

Experts predict that the world’s largest security breach will happen within the next six months, while companies working from home are more vulnerable than ever.

Building your human firewall is a fundamental and foundational step, and the good news is that we are offering our Cyber Security Testing & Training Program.

Here’s how it works.

Train Your Users
We enroll your team to our security awareness platform; including interactive modules, videos and games. It takes around two hours per person online and sets the foundation for your ongoing security.
Test Your Users
We continuously target your users with email attack simulations, non-maliciously, to see how your users behave.
Measure Results
We provide you with results during the period to show how your security posture has improved, from that initial setup, through the months of training.

Get in touch today.

We will explain our simple enrolment process that will have you protected in no time.