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This month’s stats show that during the Corona Virus outbreak, email Phishing Attacks are up 600%, and Europol has reported a massive spike in cybercrime and disinformation during the pandemic, even going as far as to call the outlook bleak, with cyber-attacks significant and expected to increase further.

We are offering our Cybersecurity User Testing & Training Platform for free as our commitment to keeping Maltese businesses safe

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The Cyber Second Wave

Our workforce has become exceedingly vulnerable to being tricked by cybercriminals.

Vulnerable to an email from a hacker posing as the CEO asking for an urgent payment without the comfort of an easy face to face confirmation.

Vulnerable to an innocent enough looking email from accounting with their monthly payroll as an attachment.

Vulnerable to a WhatsApp message from their “IT department” asking them to confirm their credentials for secure access.

Our research indicates that on average 37.9% of users in an organisation will click on a malicious email link if it has been well disguised. That is a terrifying percentage, that can mean millions of euros in losses for the Maltese economy, at a time when we are at our most vulnerable.

No matter how tech savvy we all think we are, the reality paints a very different picture.

Practically all major security breaches start with an email breach, and the average cost of a breach is in the hundreds of thousands of Euro for an average sized Maltese company.

Our Commitment to the Cure

There are three simple steps you can take to protect your business.

The treatment for your team is to start running internal training and phishing attacks within your organisation, to teach your users to make the right choices, no matter where they are.

Here’s how it works:

Train Your Users
We enroll your team to our security awareness platform; including interactive modules, videos and games. It takes around two hours per person online and sets the foundation for your ongoing security.
Test Your Users
We continuously target your users with email attack simulations, non-maliciously, to see how your users behave.
Measure Results
We provide you with results during the period to show how your security posture has improved, from that initial setup, through the months of training.

We at ICT understand that the times are tough at the moment and trying to secure your business may be the secondary to trying to survive.

That is why we are offering our Cybersecurity User Testing & Training platform, valued at €1,000, for free to Maltese businesses, as our commitment to keeping them safe during these unprecedented times.

Worried about malicious email attacks? You should be.

It’s time to act. Join our FREE Cyber-Security Testing and Training program now and protect your users today.