A Public Administration Empowered by Digital Transformation

As part of its commitment to service excellence in the information technology sector, MITA has partnered with ICT Solutions with modernizing core pillars of the Government of Malta’s public sector IT strategy. These changes lay the foundation for continued excellence in eGovernment, ranging from platforms for continuous innovation, to cutting edge identity security & the digitization of public sector processes.

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Laying the Foundation for Public Sector Innovation

The Hybrid Cloud Enabling Infrastructure is the technological foundation for the Public Administration’s digitalisation strategic plan. Serving as the cornerstone of Government’s Information Systems and Services it will enable its ambitious programme of core application modernisation.

This platform allows Ministries greater agility in creating environments and consuming services, better security, and the latest state-of-the-art cloud services. This has been recognized as the foundational building block to drive a culture of innovation and a core tenant of the government’s recently published national AI strategy.

The hybrid cloud breaks the chains of traditional IT – moving from lagging behind the flexibility of the cloud, to embracing a model were services are freely available to all. The Azure Hybrid cloud enables the government to not only empower ministries, businesses & citizens, but also save money while maintaining security and control.

“It used to take us a number of days or even weeks to provision certain services. However, now with development of Azure Stack and the self-service functionality, we are able to cut down those provisioning times to a day or even less than that. “

Jonathan CassarCTO, MITA

Citizen centric platform for service agility

Designed as a major building-block for the digitalisation of the Public Administration’s business processes, the ICT Workflow solution, based on K2 five, solves the problem of a lack of integration between disparate services and platform within the public sector. It facilitates improved quality and delivery of public services through a unified user experience for internal and external clients of the Public Administration. As a suite of tools, it allows the creation of services that can propagate and update other external information systems to ensure that data is gathered only once.

Through this process of digitization, the public sector can rapidly and easily deploy digital services for the Maltese public, building on the core principals of data only once, and eCitizen flexibility. No matter the systems in use and where data resides, Government actors can design and deploy the right systems to maintain service excellence for citizens and ensure the availability of critical systems.

Mapping Tomorrow

A strategic plan for the Digital Transformation of the Public Administration in Malta – 2019 – 2021. Read The Full PDF Here

User & Identity Management at the Heart of Government

ICT Solutions is currently deploying a user identity life-cycle solution for MITA to manage the user identities for the whole Government of Malta. Based on Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM), coupled with the workflow automation capabilities of the K2 platform, this touches the core of identity and security in the public sector, allowing MITA to implement workflows that manage the entire identity life-cycle across all touch points.

With an audit trail of all identity and access management actions performed within Government, MITA will be enhancing cyber-security within the Public Sector, securing the critical citizen data within, and giving Government users control over their digital identities. Furthermore, certain routine, manual and error-prone activities can be eliminated, freeing up human resources to carry out more value-added duties.

“its capabilities to help meet all the requirements for GDPR and more securely automate the storage and management our citizens’ information."

Pierre VellaHead of Program Management at MITA

“The Azure cloud platform and Azure Stack have given us the possibility of citizen self-provision. Before, if people needed something from our platform, they had to come to us. Now, users can do whatever they want without having to rely on our help.”

Head of Infrastructure ServicesRobert Galea

“We are honoured to recognize ICT Solutions of Malta as a Microsoft Country Partner of the Year. ICT Solutions has distinguished itself as an exemplary partner, demonstrating remarkable expertise and innovation to help customers achieve more.”

Gavriella SchusterCorporate Vice President, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft Corp

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