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Who We Are

The Company

ICT Solutions is a leading systems integrator in Malta. It is best at understanding the different business needs of corporate clients, and in then integrating IT and communications technologies to offer real solutions to these needs. The quality and commitment of the ICT team is the company’s main strength and ensures that the company always delivers to client expectations. Driven by client success, this team is built around the values of leadership and involvement at all levels.

ICT Software is a sister company of ICT Solutions, and focuses on the development and deployment of software. The ICT Software team run an MS SharePoint practice, and have developed and deployed a number of solutions based on this platform, including a Service Centre Management System. The company has also experience in development and deployment of environmental licensing, and ship registration solutions.

In May of 2010 ICT Solutions acquired Panta Computer Ltd, one of the pioneering IT companies in Malta set up in the early 1970’s. This acquisition brought a large base of corporate customers to the group, mainly being serviced by a team of certified engineers on their critical Oracle platforms.

ICT Solutions brings together a team of experts in systems, communications and software integration. The management team has a long experience in the design, deployment and operation of a number of complex installations in various areas of IT and telecoms, and in the management of complex projects.

Our Values

ICT Solutions has a top management team who have experience working in complex operations environments. We know what it means to be on the other side, and the sort of service a client expects. Our values are centred in ensuring that our team always deliver to our clients’ requirements. Whatever the time and whatever the issue, we solve it. To be able to deliver on this promise we ensure that our solutions are best of breed, that our teams are highly qualified, that we are always available, and that we communicate with clients on any issues there may be.

Best of Breed, Competenece, Frankness, Always There - We Always Deliver

The Team

There are five teams within the set up, consisting of close to twenty employees, being namely:

  • Engineering Services – This team is responsible for systems and platforms, networks and communications and related security
  • Software Services – This team is responsible for application deployment and systems integration
  • Support Services – This team is responsible for handling the 24x7 support operations, and related logistics
  • Commercial Services – This is the sales and marketing team, responsible also for high level account management.
  • Accounts and Logistics – This is the administration team who manage all accounts related work, as well as ordering and shipping.

Our Products and Services

At ICT Solutions the focus of our operation is in providing solutions to our customers’ business needs. We are best at integrating systems and technologies that include hardware, communications and software applications to provide simple solutions to complex needs.

To find out more about our products and services please visit our Solutions section.

Please visit the Partners section to find out more about our technology partners, or visit the Clients section to find out more about the clients and industries we work with.

If you would like to contact us please, full details are provided in the Contact Us section.

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